To respect all projects’ requirements and to maintain production and product quality, projects are usually divided in the following 5 different phases. 

Requirements Gathering
This is without question the single most important step. A detailed consultation is effectively addressed by determining and approving all components of the project’s infrastructure. We gather the needs of the target audience to develop and expand the content, resulting in a successful Online Application. We establish timelines for concept and development, through all stages of the development cycle.

This consists primarily in translating the requirements made from the initial consultation to technical matrixes. We harvest the available technology while maintaining the needs in the specifics required for design, implementation and client architecture (software and hardware). In the end, a custom application is defined to better serve our clients.

The actual development process will be conducted according to the previously approved plan. We balance different production/implementation options with the front-end user interface and content being delivered in order to maximize the site accessibility.

Stabilization & Optimization
Numerous and in-depth tests are performed to assure the highest quality product delivery.

Implement, Documentation And Training
The final step in the process is to push the development Application to the final production environment. This phase also includes a period of adjustment as all the elements of the new website are fully launched, documented and tested to comply with Industry standards. Documentation and custom training sessions are made available on a need basis.